A Brief History Part 6

Humans tire and require more than Charm to keep them going.
Skellingtons, by comparison, appear to be Tireless and their demands are endless.
That these things are not immediately apparent is the simplest explanation for the frequent exchange of Humans in the world of The Surgical Sideshow.
This may also have been the reason for the Skellingtons’ sudden fascination with Robots. All they were missing was someone to pull the Switches.

Irene happened to be playing by the Cemetery just as the Skellingtons were racking their Skulls for a Solution to their Human Problem. They turned to each other as the realisation dawned upon them:
Irene was a Human.
Irene assisted them ably as Technician in their Robotic Pursuits. Electrical Chaos crackled with Life. Needles whipped across Dials, Switches were flung and Mutual Destruction was assured.
As the dust settled, a wild zephyr scattered the falling motes.
The open air called.
Arranging their wagons, with the assistance of a few good Humans, the Surgical Sideshow set out for the Fields with Irene in tow. With them, they brought a new Tale.
After the demystifying of Death and the pressing embrace of Technology, the Surgical Sideshow aimed to celebrate the Human Condition with its most primal sport: Boxing.

Irene and the Skellingtons repeatedly pounded each other's skulls for the purpose of entertaining and edifying the audiences gathered about them.
This they did and the howls rang out through the surrounding valley.

Back in the City, the Antics of the Surgical Sideshow were being requested.
These were provided, as appropriate, but the Human Toll was insurmountable.
Soon, the Skellingtons would be desperately searching for their fifth Human and the Hannah era would begin.