The Surgical Sideshow Epic is a unique entry in the history of the Surgical Sideshow.

The craft and the invention of the Skellingtons had always been larger than the places that would accept them.

To be compromised after making the journey from the grave seemed unfair to the Humans who loved them.

The Skellingtons decided these Humans deserved an unadulterated experience.
They wanted to control the lights, they wanted to control the sounds, they wanted control of a venue and, if they were going to go that far, they ought to squeeze as much invention as they could into the only chance they might have to do so.

The framework was already there, the Surgical Sideshow Puppet Theatre had already hinted at it. It was time for the Surgical Sideshow to take it out of the Puppet Booth and make it real.

Unlike the eight previous episodes manifested by the Good Skellington and the Bad Skellington, the Surgical Sideshow Epic was designed and constructed as a full-blown theatrical performance.
Rather than the usual phenomenon of bringing a little of their reality to some random event, they opened a portal and invited audiences to experience their reality for themselves.

The show is divided into four connected episodes that tell the tale of the Hallowed Halls of Medicine and the disastrous meeting of two fanatical Surgeons therein. It follows their individual journeys through to the consequences of their inevitable reunion.

To adequately evoke the High Emotional Content of such a Tale, the Good Skellington and the Bad Skellington pushed their minions to write a lot of music to accompany the action and convinced neighbouring musicians, Deaf Hedge, to play it at every performance. They did this and even volunteered some of their own music to broaden the pallete.

In addition to the Good Skellington, the Bad Skellington, Deaf Hedge, the very brave Hannah the Human and her part-time replacement Human Kate, the wider scope of the Epic naturally reveals even more denizens of the Surgical Sideshow. Bonedaddy insisted on narrating and singing his self-penned ode to the Hallowed Halls. Mr. Snuff needed only a costume to play the Pope of Medicine, something he kept saying he was born for.

This Epic Tale logically requires Epic Props. The Surgical Sideshow minions rose to the task of designing and constructing them but these mammoth objects also needed to be pushed around from scene to scene. The Good Skellington and the Bad Skellington found the solution in three more Sturdy Humans: Emma, Sam and his touring replacement Dorian. They wrangled Monster Robots and Surgical Technology with no visible display of fear.

The Surgical Sideshow Epic opened on the 1st of October and has been performed twenty-three times in three states.
The ever ready lighting and sound technicians for every single performance were good Humans, both, Luke and Tim.

The last known performance of this "magnum opus" was on the 11th of April 2010.

The Skellingtons are presently editing a recorded version.
Stay tuned.