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There have been some incredible things written
about thE SUrgical SidEsHow. Surely there have.

Maybe YOU wrote to someone and capably articulated your recollection.

Maybe you posted an incredulous video of YOURSELF being interviewed on your blog.

Maybe you recorded a song in a desperate attempt to
express YOUR FEELINGS and played it quietly to yourself.

You should tell someone!!

You should tell thE SUrgical SidEsHow!! No-one will laugh.
You could be contributing to the future of SURGERY!!

Send PROOF OF YOUR EXISTENCE to minion1@thesurgicalsideshow.com

We'll repost it on THIS VERY SITE!! Do you understand?!!
You'll be FAMOUS!!!

You will live FOREVER in the minds of others!!

Just think! Doesn't that prospect excite you?!!

You ARE human, aren't you?