The Seasons waltzed on through their colours and for a while it seemed that the World had seen all there was to see of those strange fellows. It was not to be.
Someone remembered.
Word was sent through the dirt and the worms. Halloween was coming.

The Humans wanted to see the dancing, surgically enthralled Skellingtons again.

When the two Skellingtons were up and out of their graves, they discovered that Pieta would no longer dance with them.
Mutual, simultaneous brain surgery had lost its glamour.
However, the Night was beautiful and, seeing as the Skellingtons had enjoyed the last occasion, they decided to find a New Human to assist them.

Jennifer was skipping around outside the graveyard, singing “lal la-la” and running a stick up and down the surrounding iron fence.
The two Skellingtons took notice and peered at her flitting Shape as it passed between them and the Fire of the Factory nearby.

Jennifer was deemed perfect and, after introductions had been made, the three set off to the City of Humans to enact their Surgical Desires and dance their Dance. Cerebral matter was removed, Humans were astounded and Jennifer and the Skellingtons danced the Dance of Death.

When the Surgery and the dancing were over, they returned to the Graveyard. Jennifer was given a new stick and all was well.

Strangely, though, the Skellingtons found their graves uncomfortable.
None of their bones would keep still.
They could find no solace in a future of rot.