A Brief History Part 3

A Skellington Council was held. Plans were drawn. Pink Lemonade was consumed. Deeper into the night, they plotted.

There was to be a very large gathering of fresh Humans.

The Skellingtons knew there was more to say and the opportunity to present their Surgical Skills, unannounced, at such a gathering was too ripe to ignore.

They sent word to an acqaintance, asking them to act as their Master of Ceremonies.
He was suave, he had horns, his name was Bonedaddy and he agreed.
They met again with the Human, Jennifer, to explain their plans and begin preparations. Jenniferís eyes widened.

In a Meadow, by a River, beneath the Stars, they held three nights of Brain Surgery.

Bonedaddy accosted passing Humans with his megaphone and all was well.

With these Humans came smaller versions that the Skellingtons had never seen before.

These smaller Humans were called Children and they gathered quickly to watch the Skellingtons and their seemingly spontaneous mutilations. The Children made cheering sounds and grew in number.

In addition to the jousting, skull-emptying Antics, Jennifer and the Skellingtons played new games.

They played Nuclear Families and Domestic Disembowelments.
The Grown-ups shrieked in horror, the Children cheered and the disenchanted Youth of the Time grinned with delirious joy.

Jennifer was given a Wish and she wished to be turned into a giant Heart. She was.
She wooed the Skellingtons and they vied for her attention with unspoken Scientific Theories and Surgical Technology. Jaded palates were refreshed and the Children cheered louder.

For three nights, they exposed the gathering of Humans to their Surgical Sideshow and all was well.
When they returned to their Graveyard, they rested, satisfied.

"A Brief History Part 4"