A Brief History Part 5

Jennifer wandered The Desert and Wild Ideas percolated in the Minds of the Skellingtons.
They waited and plotted but when Jennifer finally returned, she did not go to the Cemetery.

The Day of the Dead approached.
A new Human was required.
The Grim Reaper and Señor Muertos sought a Reckless Boy with a Human Soul.

Tending to the Wilderness on the outskirts of the Skellingtons’ Graveyard, there was a Human named Wunjo.

The Grim Reaper and Señor Muertos sidled up and bid him fair evening. Wunjo complimented them on their spectacular attire and spoke, wistfully, of his desire to experience the world of the Surgical Sideshow.
The Skellingtons, in their clever disguises, did offer Wunjo that which he desired and his place in Surgical Sideshow History was assured.

Not only did Wunjo assist in the role of the Reckless Boy, he even lent his Nimble Fingers to some Spanish Guitar. Señor Muertos was very impressed.

On the night of the Day of the Dead, Candles flickered and Offerings were laid upon the Altar of Remembrance.
Before a surprised gathering of Humans, Wunjo and the Skellingtons presented a tale of Folly and Fury never before seen by Human Eyes, save for those of Wunjo.
A Pipe Organ played softly and the gathered Humans encouraged the Reckless Boy in his Internal Conflict.
The Grim Reaper and Señor Muertos appeared, entirely resplendent in their Deathless Glory.
The Candlelight flickered and the Humans loudly voiced their Apprehensions.
A Soul was exchanged and the conflicts concluded.
For this night alone, the "Danse Macabre" was transformed into a Conga Line.
To the surprise of all, the Humans threw themselves into The Dance which wound its way into The Night.
The Skellingtons were very pleased with Wunjo’s company and all was well.

"A Brief History Part 6"