You have survived a performance of the notorious "MummyDaddyBaby"!!

--and you still have your mind! Lesser mortals are in awe of your nerves!
This also appears in the middle of the white DVD with Jennifer the Human.

Were you one of the first to see it at
the Peats Ridge Festival? It was performed once a night in between two other episodes
on the 29th, the 30th
and the 31st of December, 2006.

Three times! What a debut! Were you there when that person went crazy during one of the shows?

Did you see it tucked into the corner
at the PACT Theatre in Erskineville?
This was part of the Short and Sweet/Just Desserts evening. Did you see those monkeys attack the sound desk so the show had to finish in silence?
That was also with Jennifer,
on the 23rd March, 2007.

It also got performed as part of a set at
the Bonedaddy Website Launch at Figureight, back when Figureight was in Alexandria.
That was a Friday, too,
the 27th of April, 2007 and another weird night with more sound desk weirdness. After that night, every show opened with a version of that piece of music from Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake".

The Skellingtons went back to the graveyard to film this episode (watch it) for posterity
and it was never seen again.
That is, it was never seen again until the Night of Horror people found out about it.
That was in the St Stephens church hall in Newtown.
THAT was huge! How did they not fall off that skinny stage? It was like a ledge!
This was the 10th April, 2008. Irene had become the Human by then. It was a Thursday.
Did you notice Mr. Snuff directing people in from the corner outside?

Are you sure this is the one you've seen?
If you don't remember any of that, it might have been some other show.