The Surgical Sideshow spotters guide!

Did you see a sword fight? Did someone lose their head?

Did you see a doll tea-party? Did the Skellingtons have giant knives and forks?

Did you see a train? Did the Skellingtons operate in evening dress?

Did you see a bottle of poison? The Grim Reaper?

Were the Skellingtons dressed as maids?

Did you see a lot of boxing?

Were the Skellingtons in a boat?

Did the Skellingtons have lollypops? Was a member of the police involved?

Did you see a gravestone? Did someone get married?

Was a Skellington in their pyjamas? Did they take their medicine?

Did you see the Skellingtons at work at an operating table? Were there a few extra bodies? And scary robots? And a pope? And a camel? And some musicians wailing away on drums and guitars? And Bonedaddy? And the Puppet Theatre?

Did the Puppets sentence someone to hang? Were there TWO Humans? And a party hat factory?

Did the Puppets just argue about organ donation? Did you not see any giant Skellingtons at all?