Ding! Ding! You have had the brilliant fortune to see the extremely rare "Rivals In The Ring"!

This episode was first written and rehearsed with Wunjo in mind but, in a bloodless coup, Irene became the only Human to perform it in public, which happened but twice.
Fortunately, it can be seen on the Black DVD, with Hannah the Human as the Challenger.

After the fun of running a Surgical Sideshow Stage at the Peats Ridge festival of the previous year,
the Good Skellington and the Bad Skellington made designs to repeat the event with three new episodes.
"Rivals In Death" and "Robots" were already in existence.
"Rivals In The Ring" was written thus to fulfil the desired programme and proposed ritual.
A week before the festival, disaster struck. The festival grounds had become flooded by unseasonal rains.
The festival was cancelled.
In a monster feat of determination, the Figureight Crew, who had their own plans for a fun weekend, for their own, independent corner of the festival, got on the case and searched for a replacement site.
Within a week, they had found one and organised a replacement festival. They called it High and Dry, of course.
History was made and "Rivals In the Ring" had its debut
on the 30th and the 31st of December, 2007.

If you weren't at the High and Dry festival in 2007, you can't have seen this episode, at least, not live, anyway!
What could you be thinking of?