Bzzzt! You have almost definitely Bzzzt! seen the very rare Bzzzt! and wholly strange Bzzzt! "Robots"! Bzzzt!

This episode was only performed four times in public and all in just three short weeks. A year later, it was expanded upon, recorded then never performed again.
The final version can be seen on the Black DVD, with Hannah the Human in the role of The Technician.

"Robots" was initially written for Sugartime's robot-themed evening of burlesque entitled
Robot Strippers 3000, at 34B in Darlinghurst
on the 15th December 2007
Jennifer made her final appearance with The Good Skellington and The Bad Skellington here.

In just seven days, Irene had joined The Surgical Sideshow and learnt this very episode
for the final Mekanarky Party in Turella
on the 22nd of December, 2007

Shortly after the Mekarky performance, The Surgical Sideshow was on the road. If your timing was right, you might have seen this particular episode at the Surgical Sideshow stage
at the High and Dry Festival at St Albans
on the 30th and the 31st of December, 2007.

If you've never seen this episode live, you might be interested to know that, originally, it was a "silent" episode. It was the first to be entirely without dialogue sign-boards.

More than a year later, "Robots" was given a new sub-plot, sign-boards and was recorded for posterity with the aid of the mysterious Mr. K and Hannah in the role of The Technician.

If you didn't see it in December 2007, you haven't seen this episode!
Perhaps you're thinking of something else!